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Terms and conditions

Things you need to accept before using the system:


Should anything go wrong — and we do our utmost to ensure it doesn’t — matrep can only accept liability up to the value of the fees paid for the current subscription. No liability is accepted for lost working time.


No guarantee of availability can be provided. matrep’s availability depends on a working connection from you to our servers. We will do our best to ensure a reliable and continual service notifying you via email of any significant planned or unplanned downtime at our end. The bits of the Internet between us and you are out of our control, though.


The subscription to use the system is:

…on a 12-month contract. Payment is in advance and is either monthly or as a single discounted annual payment equal to 10 monthly instalments. Payment is via cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Example costs are:


You may use the system free for an unlimited time on a trial basis — this will allow you to create up to 50 subject reports. Once your first payment is received, this restriction is removed.

We reserve the right to delete trial school accounts that have not been accessed for at least three months. If significant set-up work has been put into such an account, we will attempt to contact the initial admin prior to deletion.


We do not pass on any information entered on the system to third parties. Staff and pupil data are available only to staff within your school.

The system will store two cookies on your computer. These do not contain personal information and are essential to the operation and security of the system:

This cookie is for session management and contains a random unique identifier.
This cookie is to protect against cross-site request forgery and contains a random unique identifier.

Additionally, if your browser provides HTML5 local storage, the system will use that facility to implement a persistent cache of spell-check word results for improved speed.


We reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time. All initial school admins (those who set a school up) for whom we have a valid email address will be notified of any changes in advance.