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This system is permanently closing down on 31 July. Please ensure you have saved any data you want to keep.


matrep report system

  • School report writing tool primarily intended for UK schools.
  • Write school reports from anywhere with web access: no installation.
  • Quick setup: you could be writing reports in under 20 minutes.
  • Flexible: any pupil groups & any report fields.
  • Eliminate time-consuming & error-prone manual collation of documents.
  • Export your reports as editable RTF (opens in Word), as PDF, or as CSV data.
  • Secure: connections encrypted, events logged, full backup every two hours.
  • Pre-fill reports with common text; copy text between pupils.
  • Ideal for independent schools with non-standard setups.
  • Parent logins can be enabled to improve communication.
  • In-system support via a chat system, between your staff and to us.
  • Over 23,000 subject reports currently live on the system.
  • Note: this system is closing down, so we are no longer accepting new accounts.